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We enjoy the challenge that doing your taxes brings us and get satisfaction getting you back the largest refund legally allowed.

Dear Valued Customer,

The Tax Man Cometh as usual! Our Letters are back too! We would like to thank you for your past business. We heard what you our customers said and have added additional phone lines so you will get to talk to staff more expeditiously.

Our number is: (269) 964-4710 and our Fax: (269) 964-8335

We specialize in the following:

  • We specialize in the following:

    • Quick turn around on your taxes. New this year. In more than half of cases we can give you a pickup time for your taxes when you drop off.

    • Fees can be deducted from your refund.


    • Please Visit Our Website at Like us on Facebook jaktaxserv

    • Children’s Birth Certificates are very helpful and will speed up processing.

    • Home Heating, Earned Income Credit. Property Taxes All possible deductions taken.

    • We take into consideration ALL the changes for 2019 in both State and Federal Taxes.

    • Refer a Friend or Relative and receive a discount providing they use us for their taxes.

    • See the attached deduction sheet as there has been SOME changes. Filers claiming dependents, earned income credit, child tax credits or education credits will need to complete a due diligence questionnaire and provide supporting documentation to verify dependent’s residency.  Children of divorced/separated parents will have additional documentation requirements.

    • Please bring your driver’s license (both if Married) when you come for your appointment.

    • Dependents social security #’s. Must bring dependent’s proof of address info to process taxes this includes PROOF OF ADDRESS (school records, doctor bills, FOC, or social services documentation or Landlord letter. Only need one document per child. Must have dates showing an over 6 month residency. This is needed for all dependents regardless of income level.

    • If you had energy efficiency improvements in 2017 or 2018 please talk to us there are retroactive tax law changes that might get you more money back.

    The IRS under normal conditions, with the possible exception of the Earned Income Credit recipients, will have your refund check to you within two weeks providing you file by February 15, 2020. (One week if electronically filed and direct deposited!)


John & Kathleen Elms/Owners
J & K Enterprises Accounting Service L.L.C.

2019 Tax Information Sheet

Information that may effect your Tax Liability, and Itemized Return:

  1. Mortgage interest, points, or property taxes. Mortgage Insurance is also deductible
  2. Medical Expenses and a new Cobra Health Insurance Credit. Bring proof of medical coverage and payments through (Obamacare). May be entitled to refund.
  3. Alimony/child support for cases before 2018
  4. Charitable contribution (monetary/physical) list date, Charity Name amount address Need all receipts or checks
  5. Prior to 2018 you could write off all income taxes you paid to whatever state and city you lived in plus all property taxes. This is now limited to $10,000
  6. Moving expenses if you have moved more than 50 miles and now only applies to military
  7. IRA/401K contributions (ask how to increase these) May have a retro benefit.
  8. Child care for dependent(s)
  9. Personal property taxes (tags on automobile or other recreational vehicles.
  10. Excessive property loss due to disaster. Storm damage may be deductible
  11. Refinance/home improvement loans mortgage interest (Changes on 2nd Mort)
  12. Michigan Homestead/Home Heating PENSIONS ALSO TAXABLE IN MANY CASES.
  13. Personal business or rental gains and losses. (ask for info sheets)
  14. Clean fuel rebate certain heating units for your home
  15. Gambling losses if you had gambling winnings
  16. Capital gains/losses on stock sales.
  17. Tuition and BOOKS and interest paid on Student Loans. NEED RECEIP)TS AND 1098Ts
  18. Sales Tax on major purchases (appliances, car, etc.)
  19. Energy Eficient Credit for geothermal or wind turbine changes and some home improvements PLEASE BRING ANY THAT YOU DID FOR 2017 OR 2018. RETROACTIVE CHANGE!
  20. Debt forgiveness or foreclosure paperwork IS NO LONGER TAXABLE
  21. The IRS has eliminated all unreimbursed employee expenses. Some may be deductible on State or Local
  22. If you have more than $2500 in interest, capital gain, dividend income and you have non taxable dividends these might be taxable now
  23. Need receipts for rent paid or letter signed by landlord confirming rent paid.
  24. There are some credits available for those paying for their own health insurance. Bring proof of payments.
  25. IRS is now receiving info on virtual currency activity and/or if have business credit cards accepted as payment (1099K).
  26. Did you have a child and have to withdraw money from your 401K etc. ($5000 withdrawal not taxable)

Information needed from ALL Taxpayers and Dependents:

A. Date of birth – ID & SS card Child Birth Certificates if Possible. SEE ATTACHED INSERT FOR THOSE MISSING DATA

B. Copy of last years return if available if you are a new client

C. W-2’s, 1099’s or interest income from bank accounts/investments last pay stub

D. Must bring all child/student dependent’s PROOF OF ADDRESS/Court Order showing there name at your address report cards/school records, medical records, landlord, minister, social services must show dates of residency so a letter on letterhead from doctor, school, landlord does work.

E. Voided Check if you would like direct deposit.

G. Did you have any social security, unemployment, or jury duty income?

H. Taxable value, property taxes pd. (remember there are 2 of these) Bring Bills